My weirdness
If he only sees you at night,
he’s not yours.
Jeigo, Ten Word Story (via jeigo)
Loving you was waiting; constantly waiting. Waiting for you to get home, waiting to see you, waiting for you to wake up so I could hear your voice. Loving you was perfect, all of your dreams were wonderful and the only thing I wanted to do was live them with you. You gave me so many reasons to love myself, loving you was laughter, it was the way it echoed against an empty wall, how it sent waves of tingling happiness over my skin. It was looking into your eyes and seeing hope. Loving you was hell, you being gone made my body ache so much 
that it physically hurt to be without you. Fighting with you was the worst, not talking at all was even harder. Loving you was beautiful, stealing glances at someone I could already look at whenever I wanted to. Missing the smell of you, when you had to leave that time you held me, hugged me tighter and kissed my cheek. Loving you was so fucked up pretending everything was okay so that maybe eventually it would be, because neither of us wanted to recognise when we were breaking, but didn’t know where to turn once we were already broken. Loving you was suicide comparing you to cigarettes and a cheap bottle of wine would be too nice. Your very presence was intoxicating but you were like heroin, shooting up into my heart, destroying me from inside. Loving you was finally understanding why people can’t always detach themselves from something thats killing them. I’m 73 days clean of you, and I’ve never felt worse.
- A Letter From A Recovering Addict. (via june—10tth)
I’m done losing sleep over every little things that you did to me.
Ten words story: I’m moving on without you. (via maisjetaime)
78violet - Boy
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If you’re looking for a good “bad breakup” song, or just a song about a guy who’s hurt you/fucked you over, please do yourself a favour and listen to this. It’s Live but it’s incredible.

And I wish I never laid my eyes on that pretty face of yours,
you have a heart that only a mother could love…

file under “movies to watch when feeling sad”


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No more excuses.

I will forever reblog this

It’s sort of horrifying that we all know what they’re talking about without them really saying it.. that it’s become that much of a norm in our society that we just know.


i want a belly piercing but my mum doesn’t approve of it siiiiiggghhh

I want my belly button pierced but my mom won't let me (I think it's just cuz I'm 14) but she always says as long as you're living with me your not getting it pierced...I want to try and get her to agree to let me get it. So any suggestions would be great! : )
Ps she also said they same thing about gauges...I had them but she noticed then made me real me them out and she said they are gross and said as long as I'm living with her I can't have them. : /


My toilet was broken today, so I took it apart, learned how it worked, and fixed it.  It’s like a fucking Rube Goldberg machine inside the box part.